Sunday Happenings …. Socks and More!

I’m so excited to have finished my Groovy Socks.  I love them and I’m quite pleased that my stripes matched up nicely.


I’ve decided to work on more socks (surprise) and have casted on Slainte by Alice Curtis using my stash of Patons Kroy Socks in Flax.

I’ve loved this pattern since I first saw it and finally decided to order Alice’s book,  Knit Your Socks on Straight .

I like to expand my knitting horizons and think this will be a fun project.  Besides, I’ve not knitted socks on straight needles, so let the adventure begin!

I’m also working on a pair of socks using my stash of Opal Yarn.  I love the colors in this yarn, which rather reminds me of the southwest, and decided to create my own pattern for the pair of socks.  Pattern:  Harris Tweed Socks by Ali Green.

The “more” part of this post is a new book by Hunter Hammersen called  Fine Things for Plain Occasions.  When I saw what was inside her latest publication, I knew I had to have it, so yes, it’s been ordered and I’m now waiting patiently for it to arrive in the mail.

Here you’ll find 15 patterns inspired by the advice in vintage etiquette guides. And, while the inspiration for the patterns might be vintage, the pieces themselves are delightfully timeless. The socks, hats, shawls, & cuffs offered here will all be perfect additions to your modern wardrobe.


If you would like to see what’s inside, check out Hunter’s page Fine Things Patterns.  I love ever design and hope to make a few things out of this book next year.

Until next time, happy knitting!



Book Review: Free Spirit Knits

Free Spirit Knits: 20 Knitted Garments and Accessories Inspired by the Southwest By Anne Podlesak Interweave/F+W; $25.99
Free Spirit Knits: 20 Knitted Garments and Accessories Inspired by the Southwest
By Anne Podlesak
Interweave/F+W; $25.99


In Free Spirit Knits, author Anne Podlesak shares a gorgeous collection of 20 knitted pieces, for both men and women,  that have elegant silhouettes and rich color palettes.   You’ll love creating each stunning project, choosing among a gorgeous knitted cardigan-style coat (Grand Canyon Coat), monochromatic knitted socks (Petroglyph Socks), stunning lace knitting (Aspens Sweater), and much more. Wild-at-heart knitters of every skill level will find something to make and love.  Whether your nearest canyon is made of rock or sky- scrapers, treat yourself to the collection that will see you knitting off into the sunset.

Over the last few years I have had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful and talented knitters, many of whom have become friends and few of which I’ve been able to test knit for now and then.   One such person is my friend Anne Podlesak.  I’m so excited for Anne as she recently had her book, Free Spirit Knits, published by Interweave. I’m also quite honored to share her book with you today and take you on a visual journey to the southwest via her gorgeous creations!

Inside Free Spirit Knits you will find twenty classic pieces that are full of texture, color and warmth.  Designs include cables, lace, color-work and stockinette. One particular thing I personally like in Anne’s book is the use of an introduction at the beginning of each design.  To me this provides the reader with a very vivid description of the southwest and enables them to understand how Anne drew her inspiration to create that particular garment.  Following the introduction is very detailed written instructions, charts where needed, detailed notes from Anne, schematics and beautiful photography showing the garment up close.  The end of the book provides sources for the yarn used, as well basic techniques.

My friend Andi over at My Sister’s Knitter ,who loves to knit lace, had the pleasure of knitting a sample of the Three Sisters Shawl  (shown below) and my friend Simone over at Sand and Sky Creations, who loves color work, had the pleasure knitting a sample of the Churro Sheep Cowl (shown in the middle).  Both of these truly are favorites but so is the Tres Flores Shawl (shown at the end).

© Joe Hancock/Interweave Press


© Joe Hancock/Interweave Press


© Joe Hancock/Interweave Press

Please be sure to visit Andi’s blog for a chance to win a copy of Anne’s new book. Or if you have fallen head over heels with the designs found inside, head on over to Interweave (click here) to purchase your copy today!

About the Author:  Anne Podlesak is an indie dyer who also knits, spins, and designs in the mountains of northern New Mexico. Her designs have been featured in Spin-Off magazine, Interweave special publications such as Jane Austen Knits, The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits, as well as her own independently released designs. Find her online at Woolywonka Fiber and on Ravelry .

Disclaimer:  I have received a copy of this book from Interweave/F&W for review.  The above review is my viewpoint and my opinion.

Let the Shopping Commence !

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Enjoy and happy knitting!

I Learned Something New from The SweetGeorgia Show

Courtesy of SweetGeorgia Yarns

I know quite a few of you are die hard podcast listeners but I only recently started to listen to podcasts again and I’m finding them to be quite enjoyable.

One in particular I’m enjoying at the moment is The SweetGeorgia Show with podcast host Felicia Lo of SweetGeorgia Yarns.  I really like Felicia’s podcasts.  Not only does she talk to many of my favorite designers, but every day knitters too.

Yesterday I listened to her interview with knit wear designer Amy Herzog, the author of Knit Wear Love and Fit to Flatter.  Amy talked about sweater designing and why she likes “seaming”.  I’ve always been a top down, seamless kind of girl because I’ve never really enjoyed seaming but after listening to Amy’s explanation of why we should seam sweaters, I might be changing the way I knit.

Amy made the comment that seams “anchor that garment on the part of your body where the seams fall (usually around the shoulders) and they provide this really strong structural weight-bearing, or low bearing, point as you are wearing the piece of clothing. They help the garment keep it’s shape and stay strong as you are wearing it.  They really add a lot of functional wear to the garment.”

In other words, seaming sweaters can actually provide integrity and strength to help your garment last longer.   I never thought about this and has made me really think about sweater knitting in different light.  If you have time, do take a moment to listen to this episode, it’s full of great information and tips.

In our conversation, you’ll learn how Amy melded her passion for computer science and technology with her skill and talent in knitwear design and created an online software program called CustomFit. CustomFit allows you to enter in your personal body measurements along with the gauge of a yarn that you love and have swatched with, and it produces a knitting pattern that is completely customized to you. I think by the end of our conversation you might be convinced that knitting from a customized pattern that is designed to look good on you is the only way to go!  ~ The SweetGeorgia Yarns Podcast

Courtesy of Amy Herzog

I also made a visit to Amy’s website, Custom Fit Make Wear Love, and signed up for her customizable system.  I’m rather excited about knitting a sweater to fit “me” with “my” measurements.   If I’m going to knit a sweater, I want to LOVE it and be able to actually wear it.

Until next time, happy knitting!