How To Lose 30lbs In 2 Months?


An upcoming family event might demand you to lose 30 pounds in 2 months. Losing 30 pounds in 2 months certainly requires sincere efforts and determination. You will have to make a lot of changes in your eating habits and lifestyle. As it is a big goal, you must resolute to shed at least 2 lbs per week to achieve the goal. However, at this rate you will be able to achieve it only 4 months time instead of 2 months. Rapid weight loss is not recommended.

When you follow the right kind of diet and exercise you will be able to experience the weight loss positively. A higher protein diet brings about weight loss positively as protein suppresses hunger. If you are not sure about the foods to add in your diet to lose weight, you can choose weight loss programs like Nutrisystem that help you shed weight at a steady pace. The program offers distinct diet plans that are easy to follow and completely eliminates the hassles involved in following a diet such as counting calories or checking portion size on a daily basis. Read the review article at Sky Cube to know about the various diet plans available with Nutrisystem.

To lose one pound of fat from the body you will have to create a deficit of 3500 calories. Therefore to lose 30 pounds you will have to create a deficit of 105000 calories which is huge. When you have to burn this amount in 2 months period you will have to create a deficit of 1750 calories per day. This is almost close to starvation which is not recommended. Therefore by making smart dietary changes and including exercises in your daily routine will help you lose a significant amount of weight. Drinking plenty of water daily helps you keep your body hydrated and eliminates the waste and toxins from the body. On the other hand, water suppresses your hunger and does not add calories when consumed.…

Couples Weight Loss Challenge Rewards


When making individual goals you do not get much motivation and support from your kith and kin. When you involve your family and friends in your weight loss goal and fix rewards, you would certainly get lot of motivation and work towards getting the prize. When working out as a couple you can weigh yourselves weekly, design workout charts, design goal sheets and support your spouse to reach the goal along with you.

There are weight loss programs like Nutrisystem and Medifast that help you lose weight as a family. These programs provide diet plans for men and women separately. As a couple, you can choose a diet plan and follow it individually. You will get motivation and tips from fellow dieters in the online community. You will also receive expert counseling from nutritionists online round the clock. You can choose any one of these two popular programs to lose weight in a healthy and safe manner.

You can begin your weight loss challenge as a couple by having a date night. You can call your friends and family for a surprise dinner. You can print invitations to invite your loved ones and a special card to your spouse to make the dinner night ever memorable. Secondly, you can gift your spouse a water bottle that reminds her or him to drink plenty of water during your weight loss journey. Stickies with motivational quotes can be stuck on the bedroom wall which reminds your spouse that he or she should stay from certain foods. For example, you can put a sweet warning – Keep away from sugar as you are getting sweet day by day as a person!

Encourage your spouse not to miss daily workouts by gifting him or her comfortable workout gear. On the achieving day, you can plan for a wonderful holiday destination together.…

How to Lose 5lbs in 2 Weeks?

Diet Tips

Are you trying for a quick fix to lose some extra pounds from the body? The urge might lead you to take over some fad diets that might bring back the lost weight in a short period of time. You can lose 5 lbs in two weeks following a healthy diet and exercise. The recommended weight loss is 2 lbs per week and 5 lbs in two weeks a bit more. However, if you have any underlying medical conditions, it is better that you consult your health care provider before following a diet plan.

If you are looking for a commercial healthy weight loss solution, you have programs like Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig that do not require you to consult a doctor before following their diet plans. Both these diet planners would help you lose up to 2lbs per week at a steady pace. Nutrisystem provides over 150 menu choices that include snacks and desserts. Jenny Craig does not offer snacks or desserts and most of their foods are just meals in frozen form. Check the article at Prodiets website to know how these diet planners differ in offering weight loss solutions.

To lose one pound of fat you will have to consume 3500 calories fewer than your body burns. Therefore, to lose 5 pounds you will have to consume 17500 calories fewer calories than you burn. If you have to calculate it for losing in 2 weeks, you will have to create a calorie deficit of 1250 calories per day. The best to create this calorie deficit is to eat less and burn more. Therefore, try cutting down 750 calories from your daily diet and burn 500 calories through workouts. You can seek help of an online calorie calculator to evaluate your daily calorie requirements. Most of the experts recommend not losing more than 2 pounds per week as quick weight loss leads to malnutrition.…

Losing 3 Pounds A Week


When you create deficit of 3500 calories you will be losing a pound. You can lose weight by cutting calories, exercising and being active overall. You can lose 3 pounds in a week by reducing up to 10500 calories per week through making lifestyle choices. Your daily calorie requirement is mainly based on your gender, current body weight and the level of exercise. For example, a sedentary thirty year old man should eat about 2400 calories, a moderately active man should eat 2800 calories and an active man should eat about 3000 calories. As a first step, you will have to calculate the amount of calories you eat per day.

Busy people find it difficult to keep a tab on their daily calorie intake. They can opt for meal programs like Nutrisystem which provides convenient plans to follow. In fact, their recent launch Turbo 13 claims to offer up to 13 lbs and 7 inches of weight loss in the first month. This diet plan is mainly offered in the first month to kick start the weight loss process in you. The plan delivers a Turbo Takeoff kit in the first week which includes 7 breakfasts, lunches, dinners, protein shakes, bars and turbo boosters. However, after completing the Turbo 13 you will have to switch to any of the standard plans of Nutrisystem.  Go through this review of the new turbo 13 program from nutrisystem to know more about the plan.

Alternately, you can find some easy substitutions to cut calories from your daily consumption. Instead of meat, you can add mushrooms to your daily diet. This way you can cut up to 300 calories form your daily diet. Replace all the fatty dairy products that you consume with low fat or no fat dairy options. This way you will be able to cut 900 calories from the entire dairy consumption. Substitute your alcoholic beverages with water or tea and replace the refined foods with fruits and vegetables.

Dieting Tip: Be Sure To Shop For The Best Solutions


Been there, done that!

Before I start telling you what is the sure shot way to successfully shop when you are dieting, let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Mariam and I am 29 years. I have a small family with me and my husband and a little girl of 10 months.

I wanted to be able to get back to an active lifestyle as soon as I had delivered and I realized that the only impediment that I was having was that I had no time to work out. My husband is still serving in the marine and I find it extremely difficult to leave home trusting a nanny or a babysitter. Of course, I do keep a babysitter for her once in a while but very childhood related memories are a big damper for me to have complete trust in them.

But again, I realized that if working out had to be done at the gym I wouldn’t be able to do it for too long, so I decided to convert one of my guest rooms to a small home gym where I have weights and a trajectory cycle and a treadmill.

Apart from this, I have a lot of faith in diets:

Being a student in nutrition has helped me have a healthy attitude towards food and the benefit that each group of food has on our bodies. My diet is made custom based on all my knowledge and the reading that I do on the subject. I am proud to say that it works for me!

Also, I walk to the store and make sure to read all the labels before I zero in on a product. Also, I like to carry my own grocery list which helps me stay focused on my shopping spree without wasting too much of time and energy dilly-dallying on what else to pick up.

I remember reading a lot of great articles on sensible shopping around dieting on a website by sona creamery. They gave me a complete understanding of the dos and the donts while shopping when you are also on a diet. Do check them out!`…

Grocery shopping tips when on new diet

Weight Loss

A good diet and a nutrition plan start with your shopping styles. Yes, it all depends on what you buy and how you buy. There are a lot of things to be taken care of when a person is on a strict diet plan and following them regularly is where his success lies. Diet plans, as we might think, are not that easy to be followed because they need a lot of sacrifices, compromises and most of all the willpower to meticulously follow the plan strictly. And once this is practiced well, the person will be able to stick to any kind of diet plans for he would develop the strength of controlling his body and the cravings for food.

There are a lot of things that are very important for achieving this and here is a small list of all those that can actually help you with a healthy diet plan.

  • First and foremost, before visiting the shops, try and make a proper plan for the week and try to arrange the diet plan according to your choices and preferences. Make sure it is a healthy blend that includes fruits, vegetable, and cereals in right quantities every day.
  • Try to include more foods rich in vitamins and minerals for they help in the basic functioning of the body. Reduce the fat content in your body by avoiding foods rich in fat.
  • Whenever you plan an outing on a weekend, try to reduce your spending on food from outside; instead, carry a box of cut fruits or vegetables for they are not only going to relish your tongue and fill the stomach but also silently enhance your health and manage your weight amply well.

Read this Nutrisystem vs Medifast comparison and get to know more about how food and diet supplements can help you with your diet plan.…

How To Choose The Best Beard Balm

Health & Beauty

There are a hundred websites that will sell you a beard balm but there are only a few that will give you a product you would love to come back to. How would you know which one to opt for and which one to turn your back on when you are presented with a wide array of nicely packaged and presented beard balms? We will tell you how.

What you need is a buying guide to know which factors to consider while choosing the best beard balm for yourself.


You might come across beard balms that seemingly have the same ingredients but are priced differently. If you are wondering what the catch is, try looking at the version of ingredients and the proportions. Always opt for organic ingredients because although they might cost more than raw ingredients they will always be more effective.

The proportion of ingredients involved also changes the price. The best way is to opt for the brand that you trust the most and find out about the trial and error method.


One of the key factors that determine the price of a beard balm is the blend of ingredients. There are three things that matter; the cost of the ingredients, the scarcity of them and the uniqueness. Never stretch your budget too much because you might find a lesser priced product to suit you as well.


Bigger brands have an advantage since they offer a wide variety of choices and better availability of products. However, they will also charge a premium price. You could try a few smaller brands and you might stumble upon a really good product.

Shipping costs

Always look for free deliveries when you buy a beard balm. Even if you have to pay a charge, make sure that it is not higher than the price of the product itself. I bought the best beard balm from here in the UK and got a free delivery for every order I placed.…

Get fit with an exercise bike

Shopping Guide

It’s no use ignoring the importance of exercise anymore. The danger signs are everywhere as you are bombarded with all the possible repercussions of leading a couch potato’s life. If you are not an outdoor person then the exercise cycle can become your friend in your journey towards fitness and health. Do you know how to buy one?  You don’t want to end up with a sore backside and squeaky music for the company do you? Here are a few tips to ensure you get the right bike.

Tips to buy an exercise bike


  1. Look out for comfort and ease of cycling: The weight of the flywheel will determine how comfortable and how smooth cycling will be on a stationary The heavier the wheel the more the comfort; lightweight wheels produce jolts when you pedal. Ideally, for a beginner, 7 kg flywheel should be sufficient but if you plan to cycle more than once a week than go for 9kg. Of course, the price of the bike will vary based on the weight; the heavier the flywheel the more expensive the bike.
  2. What kind of resistance you seek: There are two kinds: Mechanical and magnetical. As the name suggests, mechanical requires manual adjustment of the wheel whereas the magnetic resistance can be controlled on the console itself. Magnetic resistance has another advantage as these bikes come with predetermined routines and allow you to adjust the resistance according to your needs.
  3. Adjustability: A good exercise bike must have adjustable seats whose height can be increased or decreased to suit your physical frame; improper seating will harm the knees and back. Next, look out for adjustable handlebars; they must be able to move front and back and up and down.

A few other things to pay attention to is the material used to build it, plastic is less durable but cheaper whereas metal is more durable and pricey, how much weight can the bike withstand  – an ideal bike should be able to bear 130-150 kgs. and finally, choose a design in tune with the décor of the room.…

Buying And Selling Sex Toys


Are you a picky shopper? I am one. I shop very fast, but my selections are often commented as rare. I don’t purchase clothes frequently, but when I buy, I am very particular about their uniqueness. In my search for uniqueness and creative designs, it was difficult to roam around and visit shop after shop. An idea struck me, to create my clothes on my own and try my luck at making some money by selling them through an online merchant.

Online market is an ideal platform for your adult toy business

No need of expensive showrooms and persuasive salesmen, all you need are creativity, quality, and proactiveness. Just like running an online fashion store, if you plan to start a business in sex toys, again the internet may be the first stop solution. Take a tour of, you will be convinced about it.

Whether to sell or to purchase adult toys through a physical store, you need to get extra concerned about many extra factors. Location is important for any business, but for a sex toy showroom, the location should not pose oppositions from the locals and residents. The neighborhood should not affect its running and the adult store should not affect the neighboring lifestyle.

The medium of sale is equally important. If you are a customer, the friendly and cooperative behavior of the showroom staff should not create a negative atmosphere. The storekeepers have the challenge to encourage their customers in a healthy way, everything face-to-face.

The application of adult toys may be for pleasure, but they have health impacts too. So, careful selection of brands, making material and styles are important. Aspirations of people differ from place to place. For a local store, it is very critical for their sale that they know the preferences of the local customers. If you get foreign visitors even, that should be taken into account.

Considering all the above issues as a newcomer to the adult toy world, the internet is your best friend, both for finding your pleasure device as well as finding your business.…

Beginners Guide To Online Clothes Shopping


There is a whole world of beautiful clothes and great discounts that you might be missing out on if you have never tried online shopping. However, online shopping could be tricky if you are doing it for the first time. This is precisely why you need a beginner’s guide to help you through.

Here’s how to begin.

Take your measurements

The very first thing to do before starting to shop online is to measure yourself properly. The three areas that need to be measured are your bust, your waistline, and your hips. For your bust, measure the fullest part. For your waist, measure the narrowest part. For your hips, measure the fullest part yet again.

Measurements might vary according to the UK, US and Euro Sizes but this is the basic way of measuring yourself. You might need to convert to inches or centimeters as per the website.

How to relate to my size

Most beginners fail to relate their sizes to the ones mentioned on the website. They end up buying clothes on the basis of assumptions and then face the hassle of returns and exchanges. The best way to avoid these troubles is to go to the Size Guide or the Size chart and find out whether you need an XS, an S, an M or an XL. Almost every website has a size chart to refer to.


It is also a good idea to go through reviews of a particular product. If you have not tried the website earlier or are confused about the material or fit of a product then read its reviews. The products will also have ratings given by a user who has tried it before. This will help you to understand which product to choose and which one to avoid.


I got a great deal on a new custom t-shirt and so can you! Most online websites offer irresistible deals and discounts around the year and you can make the most of them.…

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