Karen Made Me Do It!

Don’t you just love that title of my post.  In the event you do not know who Karen is, she is the lovely, and truly inspiring,  blogger of Pumpkin Sunrise.    Karen is currently working her fourth Featherweight Cardigan , which made me think I really should try this pattern, especially since many of  knitting friends have made one.  A bit of trivia, over 7,400 Featherweight cardigans have been made, and that’s just the ones that are showing on Ravelry.  Check out my knitting friends who have made this cardigan, a few of them like Karen have made more than one!

For some reason I  have found myself sitting on the sidelines watching all these lovely cardigans being made and I think it’s largely due to my fear of using lace weight or fingering weight for a project.  Well knitters,  yesterday I decided to take the plunge and buy the pattern.  I have the perfect yarn in my stash, Classic Elite Silky Alpaca Lace in two colors.  I plan to do a striped Featherweight, which I think will be lovely.  Mind you I am still a bit “terrified” of knitting with lace weight, but I’ve decided to get over my fear and cast on!!!

My Acer is coming along nicely and today while hubby is taking care of car repairs, I’m hoping to get a lot of knitting done  and be able to at least separate the sleeves.


What are you working on this weekend ?

Do you have a favorite sweater/cardigan pattern that you enjoy knitting more than once?


WIP Wednesday: A New Project

I’ve decided to frog a few projects that needed to go due to mishaps and more.  My linen Cowgirl Cowl was one of the projects frogged as I totally messed up the decreases and lost my place.  I also realized it was going to be way to small, so it went to the frog pond.  I will make this project in the future but will use the weight as called for in the pattern.

image_medium2Still on the needles is my Handspun Heath and my Wrack Socks, which I’m working on today.  I truly love both of these projects and look forward to  finishing them soon.  Today however, I’m casting on a new project, Acer, a cardigan designed by Kirsten Kapur of Through the Loops.  I love this design and made a cardigan for my Mom several years ago.  I plan to use my stash of Cascade 220 for this cardi and will make it a tad longer.  Can’t wait to wear it this fall!

What fun projects are you working on this week ?



Sunday Happenings: Catching Up!

Life1912WomanKnittingBToday I’ve spent my time catching up on blog posts, adding many patterns to my favorites on Ravelry and watched Susan B Anderson’s latest podcast, episode 17, which was really fun and inspiring.

So what patterns have I added to my Favorites …. well, let’s same more than I’ll ever knit in my lifetime.  I have  desire to knit fingerless mitts and found several patterns that I really like, including the Spring FoliageSpira Mitts, Warm Waffle Mitts, Fair Isle Mitts , Spatterdash Wristwarmers and Leave Me Not Mitts.  If you’re interested in all the one’s I added today, check out my Mitts & Gloves Bundle on Ravelry.

I have to say that Glenna C’s post, Blast From The Past, did not help either as I ended up adding a few patterns to my growing favorites.  The one I would really love to make from her post is  the Must Have Cardigan. I adore cables and this cardigan is just yummy in my book.   If you’re interested in what I added today, check out my Sweater Love Bundle on Ravelry.

I finished my small tangle piece with words that I talked about in an earlier post.  It’s a miss mash of tangles and doodles, but I love it and so much so that I purchased a frame for it and it now sits proudly on the shelf.


Now I need to get back to knitting …. too many WIPs needing my attention these days.

Until next time, happy knitting, crocheting, spinning and crafting!


And So It Continues and With Knitting Too!

I’m smitten, yes smitten, 100% with the art of calligraphy, lettering and anything “inky” in general.  I’ve been adding a few things to my collection this week, as well as paper and pens.


Today when I purchased the September issue of Southern Lady and inside found a neat piece on calligraphy.  This article features artist Susie-Melissa Cherry, who has been doing this form of art for over 40 years.  Check out her website, Calligraphic Arts.


On the knitting side of things, I received this neat book in the mail today, 101 Socks.  It’s packed full of great patterns and ideas!


I haven’t made much progress on my sock or other projects but this is what I currently have on my needles:


What are you working on this weekend ?

Friday Tangles and A Sock Project

So I had every intention of participating in the sock KAL I mention a week or so ago, but I just couldn’t get myself to like the project or look of beads.   I wanted something simple to show off my treasured skein of Springtree Road Muscadine Sock in Kohl and landed upon Hunter Hammersen’s unisex design, Wrack.  It’s perfect!

The simplicity of this design is just what I needed and I love the small touch of cables.  This to me is a win win project that I can’t wait to finish!

As you all know I have a fondness for tangles, and drawing in general, and enjoy sharing a few photos of what I draw.  This week was good for me to draw as I’ve been a bit stressed.  Not sure if it’s the heat or just life in general but drawing seems to sooth me.



I have also been fascinated by lettering of late and want to incorporate the two mediums into art.  I watched a wonderful video sponsored by Coors about Jake Weidmann, a Master Penman.  His work has inspired me so much that I now want to learn the finer art of calligraphy.



So, I have purchased pens, nibs, paper and ink and plan to get started soon.  I also found a wonderful online workshop called Beginning Calligraphy started by Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls.  I can’t wait to try this workshop and start practicing.  Meantime, I’m working on a very simple lettering piece to see what I think, so far I’m really liking it.



Until next time, happy crafting!


From Your Stash To Mine

This past week I happened to stumble across a listing on eBay that contained a knitter’s destash.  I was excited as she listed a lot of four skeins of Blissful Knits Inspire  that I couldn’t pass up – it truly was a steal!  Now typically do not gravitate to the colors that I bought, but for some reason I fell in love and into the cart the listing went!

Colors left to right:  Skeg, Homestead, Camelot and Reflections



I also found a lovely skein of Opal Mask Ball that I had to have in color #3303  from my favorite seller on eBay, Sock Yarn  Maniac.  Sometimes she’s  a little expensive but she does have sales :)


And I purchased from a lovely knitter on Ravelry a gorgeous skein of Indieway Yarns First String in Slate Gray.

Now to find the perfect patterns for my new lovelies!

Have a great day, and until next time, happy knitting!