As many of you know I love to promote others, so today I would like to introduce you to a lovely fellow fiber enthusiast, and blogger,  Kate Lore , who shares her adventures over on Folk Lore  and runs an Etsy store called Emerald Lotus Fiber Arts with her sister Melissa.

Kate and Melissa are quite a team!  These two sisters opened Emerald Lotus Fiber Arts earlier this year to sell patterns, hand dyed yarns, hand dyed fiber and kits.  I personally purchased one of their gorgeous hand dyed braids in the color Wonderland, a  4 oz  braid in a blend of soft merino wool and tussah silk.

“Wonderland” – 4 oz of Merino and Tussah Silk

I plan to spin for the Ripple Wave Fingerless Mitts that is designed by Kate Lore and that is also available as part of a kit.   Kate’s pattern is very well written, with excellent step by step instructions that are easy to follow.  Be sure to visit Kate’s blog for her write-up on these mitts.

Courtesy of Emerald Lotus Fiber Arts


You can find these two sisters online at Facebook , their blog and you can find Kate online at Raverly.

Thank you all for letting me share today.

Friday FO ~ Socks on a Plane

Hurray, my Socks On A Plane are finished!  This is the sixth pair for the year and now working on my seventh pair, Groovy Socks.




Pattern:  Socks on a Plane

Yarn:  Premier Yarn -Deborah Norville Serenity Sock Prints in Chili

Needle: US 1 – 2.25 mm

Cast On:  Turkish

I love this pattern.  Quick, easy to memorize and great results.  So my stripes are not quite matching but I don’t care, they are close enough for me.   I did make one modification, using the Turkish Cast On method, I casted on 14 stitches and increased to 36 sts on each needle. Knitted one round and started the pattern. I made one modification and will be doing 4 purls before and after the cable design.  I also reversed the cable for the second sock so they would be opposite directions.  All in all, a really great pattern!

Do you have any finished projects today?

Wednesday WIPs….

This week’s progress includes my Groovy Socks (left), my Summer Slice Socks (middle) and my Beaded Shallows Scarf (right).  I am learning something new with the Groovy Socks, an After Thought Heel.  I’ve never knitted this type of heel before, so it will be interesting.



What’s on your needles, hooks or wheels this week?

Yesterday morning was quite an experience here in the Valley of The Sun.  I have seen my fair share of flooding during the monsoons here in Arizona, but nothing like what happened yesterday.

Here’s a few photos from the road on my way to work yesterday morning ….



A dry wash becomes a creek in a matter of minutes!



The desert had so much water all at once, it was flowing onto the road



The water was moving so fast it looked like rapids in a river!


Our neighborhood park  - slightly flooded!

Our neighborhood park – slightly flooded!


Another view of the park

Another view of the park

You can see quite a few photos on the website for our local TV Station, ABC 15.  Here’s a link for those of you interested.

Have a super day!

Spinzilla is coming!!!

Did you know there is a bit of spinning fun happening in October?


A community-wide event where competing teams challenge each other to see who can spin the most yarn during Spinning and Weaving Week, October 6th through the 12th.

 Spinzilla is also a community event designed to bring together new and experienced spinners, to raise money and awareness for needlearts mentoring, to raise the profile of handspun in the larger yarn market and beyond.



This special spinning event requires a small registration fee of $10.00, which helps supports the mentoring program through TNNA. Pick a team, register and then join in the fun over in the Spinzilla Group on Ravelry. You can also follow along on the Spinzilla Blog, which is filled with interviews, spotlights and more. There are prizes too and a bit of competition between teams just to make it extra fun.

Why should you should participate?

  • The competition aspect allows spinners to push past their fears. The more yarn you spin, the better spinner you become.
  • The underlying goal of Spinzilla is to see how much yarn we as a community can make in a week—we want the world to take notice of handspinning.
  • Spinner registration fees are an investment in the makers of tomorrow. They are donated to the NeedleArts Mentoring Program that fosters mentoring between adult volunteers and school age children to teach the needle arts—spinning, weaving, knitting, crochet, and stitching.
  • Support small business! Spinzilla teams are hosted by your favorite spinning LYS, retailer, tool maker, and publisher.

Are any of you joining this year’s event?  I am and have joined Team SpinOff with the hopes of spinning down a bit of my fiber stash.

From the Wooly Wonka Fiber Club- Superwash 100% BFL in Cabana



From my long time stashed fiber …

Top Left:        Springtree Road 100% BFL  in Kohl

Left Bottom:  Springtree Road 100% BFL in All the Pretty Horses

Right:              Mosaic Moon  Dec. 2011 75% BLF/25% Silk in Louvre


I know that I won’t get all of this spin up, but it will be a fun challenge and endeavor.


Here’a fun video of last year’s event!


My Blogiversary is today!

Six Years of Blogging!

Six years ago today I started my blog with hopes of just posting my thoughts, expressing myself and sharing.  Little did I know at that time how many people I would meet from all over the world, friendships that I would form and a following of folks with the same interest, passions and desires as I in the fiber world.

As you all know my blog has changed over the years and while I focus mainly on knitting, I have incorporated more of the needle arts such as crochet, spinning and embroidery, with a bit of drawing thrown in for fun.

I want to thank all of you so much for simply following me, liking a few posts here and there, leaving comments and  sharing. Without YOU, I wouldn’t continue.




So, with that being said, I decided it would be fun to have a giveaway.  Everyone who leaves a comment today will receive a free PDF of my all time best-selling Paddington Hat pattern, which was also featured in the 2011 Knitting A Pattern a Day Calendar.   As of this year I am no longer selling the pattern, so if you want a copy, now is your chance!

In order to receive your copy, please leave a comment and be sure that you have an email address attached to your comment.  This little giveaway is open today through Friday, September 12th, with comments being closed the morning of the 12th.

Remember the bonnets our grandmother’s use to wear? Or how about Paddington Bears hat? This hat was inspired by these childhood memories. The super bulky yarn made this a very fast project and if you’re a very fast knitter, this is a day project. The brim on this hat can be rolled up for a very stylish look, or brought all the way down to provide warmth on those cold winter days.


Thank you all so very much for a fantastic and wonderful 6 years!

Friday Spotlight: Halloween Fun

The last few weeks I have noticed quite a few adorable “spooky” knits coming across on Ravelry, and a few not so new, and thought it would be fun to share, especially since October is just around the corner.

My very favorite new design is Patch by Susan Claudino, a.k.a. NoKnitSherlock.  I immediately thought this little pumpkin family would be mighty cute for my desk at work and another great way to use up bits and pieces of leftover worsted weight yarns.

Courtesy of Susan Claudino


I also love FrankenMonster by Sherri Hazen.  This is another fun little knit that uses worsted weight yarn, and perfect for leftovers and stash busting!

Courtesy of Sherri Hazen

For those of you who enjoy tea and have to have your cosy,  check out the Pumpkin Tea Cosy by All the Fun of the Fair.

Courtesy of All the Fun of the Fair


Dress up a counter, mantel or door with this cute knitted Candy Corn Bunting by Adrienne Enriquez.

Courtesy of Adrienne Enriquez

For those of you who just want the simply look of fall, check out this knitted Big Pumpkin by Tatyana Korobkova.   I love how the stem resembles a hat.

Courtesy of Tatyana Korobkova

For the kiddos and grandkiddos, how about the Trio of Treat Bags by Christine Marie Chen are really cute!

Courtesy of Red Heart Yarn

Hope you’ve enjoyed!

Until next time, happy knitting, crocheting, spinning and crafting!


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