Pattern Spotlight: Let’s Talk Owls!

For some reason this time of year makes me think of owls.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact the Family Channel is hosting a Harry Potter movie marathon or just that owls seem to be part of fall.

Today I’m sharing with you “owls”  using basically the same cable stitch pattern but in all kinds of variations.  Enjoy!

Hogwarts Express by Susan Ashcroft

Courtesy of Susan Ashcroft

Owlie Socks by Julie Elswick Suchomel

Courtesy of Julie Elswick Suchomel

Owls by Kate Davis

Courtesy of Kate Davis

Owlet by Kate Davis

Courtesy of Kate Davis

Owl McOwl by Tracey Castonguay

Courtesy of Tracey Castonguay

Owl Tunque by Barbara Prime

Courtesy of Barbara Prime

Cable Owl Gloves by Brooke Snow

Courtesy of Brooke Snow

Owlish Stocking by Louise Lamarche

Courtesy of Louise Lamarche

Owlie Slippers by Knitarin – Karen Hess

Courtesy of Knitarin – Karen Hess

Owlie Sleep Sack by Teresa Cole

Courtesy of Teresa Cole

Wise Owls Baby Blanket by Threads and Yarns of Pleasure

Courtesy of Threads and Yarns of Pleasure

Owl Coffee Cup Cozie by Sabrina Thompson

Courtesy of Sabrina Thompson

Dr Owl by Kristen Rettig

Courtesy of Rowan Yarns

Winter Woods Owl Scarf by Holly D Hufstetler

Courtesy of Holly D Hufstetler

Until next time, happy knitting and crafting!

FO’s Friday … A Small Piece and One Sock!

I finished my small cross stitch piece, which is now framed in a cute little 3 1/2″ by 3 1/2″ frame. This turned out liked I hoped and it is now sitting on my desk at work.

The only thing I would do different is use Gentle Art threads as the DMC is too dead.  I did make a slight modification for the top and bottom insert rows, a straight line across and I used three strands of thread, one in the gold, the cream and the brown. It is straight in the frame, but the frame is a little off at the top.


I also finished one sock and used the mitten toe technique that I found in The Sock Knitter’s Handbook by Charlene Schurch and Beth Parrott.  I have already casted on the mate and I’m just about finished with the cuff.

Have a super fun filled weekend!

It’s A Mystery!

Well I’ve done it, I’ve joined my first ever Mystery Sampler stitch along created by Lizzie Kate.  Lizzie will be releasing clues to her newest mystery sampler, Things Unseen, over a period of three installments.  The first clue will be the early part of November, followed by December and then January.

Courtesy of Lizzie Kate

Courtesy of Lizzie Kate

Courtesy of Lizzie Kate

So, I’ve ordered my kit and now patiently wait :)

Wednesday WIPs!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday.  I really don’t have too much new to share other than the fact I am ready to start the toe to my sock.  I really love the colors of this yarn and the way the striping is turning out.

I also am ready to start a very small stitching project that I’m thinking might look good on my desk at work.

I also purchased a pattern today that I’ve been itching to cast on called Fish Creek (Adult Version) by Melissa Schaschwary. This will be a quick knit as it is knitted up in bulky weight yarn and a size US 13 needle. The main thing, it’s top down, raglan sleeves and seamless.

Courtesy Melissa Schaschwary

What’s on your needles, hooks, hoops and wheels ?

Acorns and Owls

I finished my little cross stitch project last night and I love how it ended up looking.  T

Finished Size:  Completed size measures 4″ by 4″, and I had a frame that worked perfect for it too.

Design:  Acorns and Owls (click link for free pattern, as well as others) a complimentary pattern I received in an order that is a retired Blue Ribbon Design.

Fabric: 18 count Aida Cloth – 100% coton in cream

Thread:   DMC Thread in the colors of:  610, 632, 780, 976, 3046 and 3364


It’s now framed and sitting nicely on our kitchen bar with a few other fun fall items.


Until next time, happy crafting!

Weekend Fun!

As you all know I’m starting to get into cross-stitch and have started to collect things needed to pursue my new found love.  This weekend, hubby and I popped into a favorite thrift shop of mine and walked out with this wonderful desk top stand that expands to hold a large project.  It was a great thrift find for $10.00 :)


I’m still working on my little cross stitch piece but have made quite a bit of progress and hope to have it finished today, or at least by the middle of the week.  I have a tiny mistake, a space between the “3” and the 4″ as I miscounted the stitches for the number 4.  It’s not too noticeable though :)


I’ve also made progress on my vanilla sock.  This photo is from earlier in the week, so I am knitting merrily away on the foot right now.


Today I bought matching halloween t-shirts for our dogs.  Sparkles was quite excited about hers and started playing, then prancing around.  Cody on the other hand wasn’t quite sure about his and jumped into his bed to pout.

Sparkles on top, Cody on the bottom.

Sparkles on top, Cody on the bottom.

Hope you all have had a great weekend too!