Fiber Friday Spotlight ~ Movie Inspired Yarns

J.K. Rowling took the world by storm when she introduced her Harry Potter series to readers.  Her books have been international best sellers, the movies have been box office hits and everyone knows about Harry Potter. Knitters united by creating a unique niche in the world of Harry Potter and by the wave a wand, yarn in house colors patterns magically appeared, along with ideas for charity events, sock clubs and knit-alongs (a.k.a.KALs).     On  Ravelry you will find 51 inspired Harry Potter themed knit-alongs with over 5,000 members.  Women internationally are joined together in the camaraderie of knitting and for the love of Harry Potter.  Hats, mittens, scarves, sweaters, you name it, there’s a knit-along just for you.  The most popular pattern on Ravelry is Hermione’s Cable & Eyelet hat by Jackie Lauseng

Soon to follow this inspired fame, was Stephanie Meyer with her Twilight Series.  Like Harry Potter,  The Twilight Series soon became an international best seller, spawning a series of movies that have been major box office hits.  Many Indy Dyers can’t keep up with the orders that sport Twilight inspired colorways and for knitting  fans, Ravelry boasts 24 Twilight inspired groups for you to join, including many knit-alongs.  Be sure to check out patterns that have been inspired by this movie too.  The most popular is the cabled Bella’s Mittens by Marielle Henault.  Also, be sure to check out Nancy Fry’s Twilight inspired patterns on Ravelry.

Companies with movie inspired yarns:

Looking for house colors for Harry Potter themed items, check out Cascade Yarns , Plymouth Yarn and Knit Picks.

Sunshine Yarns offers knitters a wide range of colorways inspired by Twilight characters, Edward, Bella, Alice and Rosalie, as well as Alice’s Porsche, Bella’s Truck, and Edward’s Volvo.  Sunshine Yarns also has a soft spot for Harry Potter and features colorways of favorite characters.

Christina Marie Potter loves movies and many SyFy series, which is reflected in many of her hand dyed colorways.  In her Etsy Shop, you will find colorways for Twilight, V and FireFly.

Three Ewes Twisted in Fiber, Left Coast Yarns , Weird & Twisted Handspun and Nerd Girl Yarns offer Harry Potter or Twilight themed colorways!  Be sure to visit NH Knitting Mama, who offers dye to order yarn in the colorway “Bloodlust”.

Whatever you choose …. happy knitting!

6 thoughts on “Fiber Friday Spotlight ~ Movie Inspired Yarns

  1. wonderwhygal

    I love the book inspired colorways. I have friends who knit and read…I’m not that talented but I do like to listen to audio books while knitting. The best of both worlds.

  2. Dawn

    I love both series….love, love, love them! How awesome when dyers name colorways after books/movies…I always look at names of yarn!:) Wouldn’t buy one yesterday because it was called Cowkiller!:( ug I still haven’t got into the audiobook, I get distracted…do love podcasts though, I’m highly addicted!:)

  3. StephCat

    Nice compilation! I’ve not knit any of these but I do like seeing patterns that tie into movies, books, etc. Colorways are fun too.

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