Etsy finds that keep your yarn in place.

I recently purchased the Spring/Summer 2011 issue of Vogue Knitting and loved seeing a whole page dedicated to yarn bowls.  I love stoneware and I love the simplicity of keeping ones yarn in check.  This week I went in search of yarn bowls, where I came across quite a few beautiful pieces that would be perfect to house even the most luxurious of yarns.

First up is Darrielles Clay Art, a local artisan that resides north of Phoenix in Cottonwood.  In this Etsy shop, you will find a nice collection of yarn bowls in a variety of colors and glazes.

Photos courtesy of Darrielles Clay Art

Second up is Blueroom Pottery of Minnesota.  This Etsy artisan has a lovely collection of yarn bowls in many shapes, sizes, colors and glazes, all of which will keep your yarn in place. 

Photos courtesy of Blue Room Pottery

Last is Little Pig Pottery of Middletown, Ohio.  This Etsy artisan offers knitters unique one-of-a kind yarn bowls that are functional, funky and adorable, including the little lamb holder.

Photos courtesy of Little Pig Pottery


Featured Etsy Artisans in Vogue Knitting:


I hope you enjoyed my finds today!

6 thoughts on “Etsy finds that keep your yarn in place.

  1. kathy boyer


    i am visiting Arizona from Chicago today and tomorrow. I would love to knit at a shop tomorrow while my family does a difficult hike! Where should I go? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. I need to be in phoenix area…


  2. Rhea Kohlman

    Hi Tina, I’m a knitter here in Glendale, AZ and have been following your blog for a little while now. I really enjoy it. I absolutely love those bowls. Do you think that the artisan from Darrielles Clay Art might have a booth at the Tempe Festival of the Arts this Weekend? I’d love to see, touch, feel, drool over them in person.


    1. Tina Post author

      Hi Rhea! Thank you so much for following and I’m tickled you like my blog. I would suggest contacting them via convo on Etsy – I love their bowls too!


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