New yarn has arrived!!

I get quite giddy when I receive new yarn in the mail and this week has been no exception to that rule!  Now I know you all are shaking your heads at me and telling me “you’ve got to be joking, you just created a mini shop in your studio and now you’re buying more????”  Well, I’ve mentioned in the past that I do have a slight addiction to yarn and I’m crazy about sock yarn, what can I say!

I received two skeins of incredible yarn from Sam, the proprietress of the Yummy Yarn Studio ,in a blend of 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon in soft muted tones of gray in the colorway called Vodka.  My photo does not do this yarn justice, but hopefully you will get the idea.

I have to give Sam a shout out too as she mentioned she does have a few more spots of her Wrapped In Yummy Yarn Shawl Club” available, so if you’re interested, you can visit her shop online to order.  Of course I have to tell you that I’m rather excited to be part of her club and that the first club package includes my design for a wonderful worsted weight shawl.    I promise once I can, I will share photos with you !!

I also received another beautiful skein of Springtree Road Muscadine Sock Yarn in the colorway Frosted, a very soft lavender color that reminds me of spring!

I’m not quite sure what these lovely skeins are destined for yet, but I’m envisioning a lace shawl and a pair of lacy socks!

On a side note, do you ever end up with left over yarn and not sure how much yardage you might have left?  I do all the time and sometimes I re-skein what I have to determine the yardage.   But Clara Parkes of the Knitter’s Review offers a great solution to determining the amount of yardage you might have left.  Be sure to check out her post today that features  the most useful kitchen tool for knitters.

6 thoughts on “New yarn has arrived!!

  1. Ruth

    Boy, I know just what you mean about getting new yarn in the mail, Tina. Especially since the choices for shopping locally here are kinda limited, it is so much fun to get a package, rip it open & squeeze that new, soft hunk of fiber! I love it!


    1. Tina Post author

      I wish you had an awesome shop close to you Ruth but shopping online can be quite fun and it’s so exciting to get packages in the mail :)


  2. Kasey M.

    Getting new yarn is always such a thrill for me too.

    Thank you for sharing the Clara Parks resource! This will completely change my crocheting :)


  3. Simone

    They are VERY pretty. The Spring Tree Road yarn would look amazing knit up in a Damask shawl. Actually,I was at their site today, picking out a yarn for that specific pattern. he he he


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