On and Off the Wheel: BFL and Merino

As I finish up my  the last 4 oz of  BFL (Blueface Leicester) that I’ve been spinning for the last month or so, I am looking ahead to what I will be spinning next and have decided to start my cardigan project.  I’m quite please with my first 4 oz of BFL, I achieved a total of 210 yards in sport weight and hoping I will be able to do the same for what I’m plying at this moment.

Checking my WPI

Checking my WPI

Ever since I saw  the Less is More cardigan that Amy King (Spunky Eclectic) designed and that my dearest friend Elseline completed, I knew that I had to do this project.  The concept of Amy’s design is how to use up those 4 oz braids we all tend to purchase that is not quite enough for a garment and blend them together to create a colorful handspun cardigan.  By using the color theory method,  Amy chose fibers that would blend nicely together in color, spin well together  and create depth.  For more information on her concept, be sure to read her complete article on Knitty, Less Is More: Choosing Colors For A Sweater.

Now I do have a fiber stash, but I wanted this project to be done in specific colors, so I purchased my fiber for spinning (from a fellow Arizona spinner who was destashing)  and love the color tones that I have decided upon.    For this project I chose Funky Carolina fiber in Merino, with colors of purples, creams and greens that were similar or the same in the three braids.


100% Merino Combed Top

Showing them side by side.

Showing them side by side you can see that there are similar colors in each braid.

I plan to start spinning this week and will be spinning along with Elseline, who is spinning for another project but will give me the encouragement and support to “spin on”.

Do you mix colors for projects?

Until next time, happy knitting, crocheting, spinning and crafting!

12 thoughts on “On and Off the Wheel: BFL and Merino

  1. Sandie Knapp

    I think spinning evenly is the hardest thing to do. Maybe that is because I haven’t been spinning very long, and still struggle to maintain that evenness. I think you’ve done great so far, and I love the blends you have chosen for your next project. Can’t wait to see how they work out. :)


    1. Tina Post author

      It is a huge challenge for me Sandie, but I’m still working on it! I’m excited about my new adventure and look forward to starting it soon :)


  2. sandandsky

    Oooo! Love the colors and the pattern. I’ve had my eye on it as well. I look forward to your progress posts as I know your yarn and cardi are going to be gorgeous.


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