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An Easter Bonnet!

I have very fond memories of watching The Easter Parade with Judy Garland and Fred Astaire, both of which I grew up with as my Mom loved, and still does, musicals.

Do ladies still wear fancy  Easter bonnets?  I think the love of hats is coming back into style and from several online sources I’ve read recently would say that the traditional Easter bonnet is making it’s grand debut once more.    I know when my husband and I lived in Louisville, Kentucky, hats were very poplar, especially for Easter and Derby.  New York City still celebrates the love of Easter bonnets  with the traditional Easter Parade.

One hat that has regained popularity since the much loved Downton Abbey series has aired, as well as the new version of the Great Gatsby and has re-appeared in many vintage inspired books, is the cloche.  My finished hat rather reminds me of this particular design, which I’ve always loved.

 Front View  Back View  

For my hat, I sewed on two different ribbons and then attached a large fabric rose that I found recently at Hobby Lobby.  It’s not grand, but for me, it’s perfect.

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