Hey Spinners, Have You Seen the New Feature on Ravelry?

Yesterday I was goofing around on Ravelry only to discover a new feature has been added for spinning.  My first thought, finally, my second thought on this is going to be fun!

You can now add fiber to your “fiber stash”!  That’s right, no more adding fiber as yarn to your Ravelry stash, which is really a good thing and it keeps it separate from your yarn stash.  Once you stash you fiber, you can then choose to turn it into “yarn”.  This feature allows the spinner to use fiber from their stash, create yarn and keep a complete record of how the fiber was spun.  How cool is that!

Here’s what your page looks like after  you click on “make yarn”  in the right corner of the particular fiber that you have stashed:

Courtesy of Ravelry

Courtesy of Ravelry

In this section you can add attributes such as the spinning style, fiber prep and finishing. There are areas where you can add additional information about your finished yarn, such as the  wpi, twist angle, and more. You can also record what tools you used for spinning that yarn, add notes and more.

This is such a wonderful new feature and I have to applaud Casey at Ravelry for doing this for all the spinners out there! For further information,  visit the forum thread New Features for Handspun on Ravelry.

12 thoughts on “Hey Spinners, Have You Seen the New Feature on Ravelry?

  1. Wen

    I noticed that yesterday TOO. What a fabulous feature. There’s still some things that need work, but it’s a grand start. Thanks for the link to the forum thread that explains more!! <3


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