On the Bookshelf: From Vintage to Modern

Today I am providing reviews on two books, Vintage Design Workshop, Knitting Techiniques for Modern Style  by Geraldine Warner and Metropolitan Knit, Chic Designs for Urban Style, by Melissa Wehrle.

Vintage Design Workshop is the guide that retro-loving knitters have been waiting for-a welcome relief for those who have been frustrated by vintage patterns that come in one size only.

Vintage Design Workshop is a key resource for any knitter who is keen on learning how very simple it is to update or customize patterns yourself.

About the Author: Geraldine Warner is a knitting novelist who has been knitting and crocheting since the age of 7. She has contributed articles to many popular knitting magazines and writes about her adventures in vintage knitting on her website: skiffvintageknittingpatterns.co.uk

Knit for uptown or downtown with a trend-setting New York City designer.

With these 20 polished, sophisticated projects, knitwear designer Melissa Wehrle has created a collection that perfectly reflects the rhythm, flavor, and drama of city life.

About the Author:  Melissa Wehrle studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology where she majored in Fashion Design, and for nearly a decade has worked as a knitwear designer in the fashion industry. Melissa’s work has been featured in The Best of Knitscene (Interweave) as well as Interweave Knits and Knitscene magazines. Find her online at neoknits.com.

I love vintage knitting patterns, so much so that I have a very large collection dating from the early 1900s to the 1970s.   When you look at patterns written during this time frame one thing that you immediately notice is the terminology is much different than today, as well as the types of yarns used.  Geraldine Warner does a fantastic job of teaching you how to update these vintage patterns to modern times.

Inside the Vintage Design Workshop, you will learn how to substitute yarns, calculate yardage and weight of yarn, adjust vintage sizes to modern sizes , understand sleeve construction, neckline construction, cuffs, trims and more.  The detailed instructions in this particular book are wonderful and I personally have found this book to be quite useful, which means I will be able to take what I’ve learned and put it into practice soon!  End result, if you love vintage patterns but have issues in adjusting them to meet your needs, then this book definitely is for you!

Inside Metropolitan Knits, knitters will find classic and very timeless designs with a bit of vintage flair. I love the variety of patterns in this collection and feel that there are many styles included to fit my taste in knitting.

Projects are divided along three themes and can be found on Ravelry:

  • Heart of the City- Designed for those who enjoy sleek midtown in mind.  Designs in this chapter include mitts, a scarf, lace pullovers and cardigans. My personal favorite in this chapter is the Le Cirque, cowl neck sweater, a cozy knit that is great with a pair of jeans.
  • Urban Bohemia- The downtown bohemian goddess will love these looks. Bold designs that feature lace and cables for scarves, pullovers and textured knits. My personal favorite in this chapter is the Washington Square, a chunky knit cardigan that is perfect for fall.
  • City Gardens- Made to inspire a sense of tranquility. Lace, stripes, cardigans and pullovers that offer light and airy designs.  My personal favorite in this chapter is the Atrium Cardigan, a classic design perfect for the office!

Knitters will find step-by-step well written instructions, charts where needed and a glossary of terms, as well as the basic “how tos”.  Each chapter starts with a paragraph talking about the inspiration behind the design or a thought about the design itself.

If you enjoy classic knits or designs that never grow old, then I would consider adding both of these books to your knitting library.

Disclaimer:  These copies were provided by Interweave Press for review  and the above opinions are my own.

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