Paging Alfred Hitchcock ….

I am so excited to be part of the Blog Tour for Hitch,  a wonderful collection of designs inspired by the many films of Alfred Hitchcock and compiled by knitwear designer Stephannie Tallent.

Just for fun, you must listen to the theme song for Alfred Hitchcock Presents while reading my review, at least for nostalgia sake!

I am a true diehard Hitchcock fan and when I saw this collection, I was swept back to the films of Hitchcock that always seemed to have a touch of mystery, intrigue, glamour and even elegance. I think even Mr. Hitchcock would be impressed, not too mention his leading ladies!

So what designs do I call a favorite, or should I say favorites …

I love Miss Fremont by Jaala Spiro, which was inspired by Grace Kelly in Rear Window, my all time favorite movie!

Inspired by Grace Kelly’s Rear Window dress with dramatic flowers radiating from the waist, this shawl flows outward like a circle skirt. With each shawl tier the colors gradually darken, a nod to Hitchcock showing the shadier side of human nature. ~ Jaala Spiro

Courtesy of Nick Murway

I also truly love the Greenwich Village Cardigan designed by Linda Wilgus.  This elegant piece truly echoes the classic style of Grace Kelly and I don’t know about you, but I can envision Ms. Kelly wearing this lovely piece with a pencil style skirt and a scarf around her neck.

Of those who have seen the film, who doesn’t remember the awe-inspiring black-and-white dress Grace Kelly’s character Lisa Fremont wears in Rear Window? It was hot the day she wore it, but what if the weather had been different and she would have needed a cardigan to keep warm? Greenwich Village is a fitted cardigan featuring a delicate lace panel down the front and on the sleeves. The cardigan is worked from the top down and is entirely seamless. Knit in a luxury sport weight yarn with beautiful drape, Greenwich Village is just the cardigan to complement your Grace-inspired look. ~ Linda Wilgus

Courtesy of Linda Wilgus

To round up my favorites is the Melanie Shawl designed by Nina Machlin Dayton and inspired by another favorite of mine, The Birds.

Melanie Daniels looks so beautiful and glamorous at the start of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. If she had only had this shawl perhaps the birds would have thought her one of them, and left her alone. The next time you watch The Birds wrap this version of their wings around you. The softness and drape of the shawl replicates their softness, the lines on their wings flowing gently into the feathery tips, the beads sparkling the way the sun glints off their feathers, slightly iridescent, and magical. While the birds in the film may be scary, these beaded lace wings are anything but. ~ Nina Machlin

Courtesy of Anne Dayton

This collection features designs by Dani Berg, Rebecca Blair, Glenna C., Kristen Hanley Cardozo, Brenda Castiel, Rachel Coopey, Jennette Cross, Anna Dalvi, Nina Machlin Dayton, Elizabeth Green Musselman, Becky Herrick, Elanor King, Triona Murphy, Carolyn Noyes, Luise O’Neill, Heather Ordover, Anne Podlesak, Stefanie Pollmeier, Jaala Spiro, Nadya Stallings, Jill Bigelow Suttell, Stephannie Tallent, Katherine Vaughan, Christina Wall, Christina Werge, Linda Wilgus, and Karin Wilmoth.

So with that list of talented women, what’s not to love!

I can tell you that you will be inspired to break out the needles with this wonderful collection of 29 one-of-a-kind designs that come to you in a 175 page book filled with beautiful photographs of the finished pieces, step-by-step written instructions, tips and more.

This book is available in eBook format for $16.95 or a print/digital combination for $29.95. You can purchase direct from Cooperative Press by clicking here or for the digital PDF version only, you can purchase online at Ravelry by clicking here.

For even more knitting enjoyment, be sure to join the Hitch Group that is hosting KALs to go along with this collection.

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About the editor:  

Stephannie Tallent is a movie buff as well as an indie designer. Her first book, California Revival Knits, was published by Cooperative Press in 2012. She lives in Hermosa Beach, California, with her husband Dave, dog Rigel, and cats Obi, Meggie, and Cali. Find her on Ravelry as StephCat and online at


Guess what, I am giving away a digital copy of Hitch to one lucky blog reader!

Rules:  Just leave a comment letting me know your favorite Hitchcock movie, and what design you would like to knit first.  If you have a Twitter ID or Raverly ID, be sure to leave that too.  The winner will be chosen by a random number generator with the PDF digital copy sent via email or Ravelry.

This giveaway is open to all and will end on Saturday, November 2nd with the winner announced on Monday, November 4th! The winner will receive their PDF/Digital copy directly from Cooperative Press.

Best of luck!

This giveaway is now closed!

39 thoughts on “Paging Alfred Hitchcock ….

  1. lizella

    Great collection! There are so many great Hitchcock films, but I’d have to say Rear Window and Rope are two of my favorites. I can’t decide if I would knit the Madeleine Gloves or Tippi Toes first :)

  2. Terri

    I love the color work in the Alicia Tam, so that would be the pattern I would work first. It’s very hard to choose a favorite Hitchcock film – I have to say Ten Little Indians and North by Northwest are tied for first place (so hard to leave out The Birds and Vertigo). Thanks for the chance for the free Ebook!

  3. Sumac

    My favorite movie has always been the Birds. The first thing I would knit is the exacta hat. Thanks for doing this!

  4. Linda Rumsey

    My favourite is Psycho! Watched it recently with my son. Still gives me the creeps!
    I’d knit the Greenwich Village Cardigan, first!
    lindarumsey on Ravelry

  5. Rhea

    I think my favorite movie would be The Birds but I love the Miss Fremont shawl! Ravelry ID is rkohlman.

  6. Marilyn (Merry) Fenton

    I haven’t seen too many but I remember liking North by Northwest. But then who doesn’t love Cary Grant?
    wahoomerryf on Rav

  7. ummrania

    Miss Freemont would be my first knit, but I would love to knit almost every single pattern from this book! I am not a huge hitchcock fan but I do love this book!

    Ummrania on rav

  8. Danielle

    Oh my goodness! I am so happy to have found these beautiful patterns!!! I love all of Hitchcock’s films but my favorite has always been Psycho! I would be knitting the Miss Fremont first, how beautiful!

    I am yell737 on rav

  9. Sandra LaPorte

    My favorite movie is the birds and I would knit up the Melanie Shawl first.
    Ravelry id Sandee8908

  10. Linda

    My favorite Hitchcock movie is definitely The Birds. I’d start with the Exakta Hat. It looks really interesting. Thanks for the chance to win the eBook.

    lmecoll on Ravelry

  11. Kristen

    What a great idea, to design knits around Hitchcock movies. I am a Hitchcock fanatic too. I would love to enter the giveaway. It’s a tie between Rear Window and Vertigo, don’t make me choose! Greenwich Village would be my first knit.

  12. sewsable

    The Birds is my favourite Hitchcock movie, but that’s partly cos it’s the only one I’ve actually seen! I love the Greenwich Village cardigan.

  13. Andi

    Love Hitchcock movies, my favorite would be a toss up between Rebecca and The Rope.
    That Greenwich Village Cardigan is such a lovely knit, so it would probably be my first. :) Thank you for the lovely giveaway!

  14. Sherry Glover

    I am a big fan of Hitchcock files. My favorite is Rear Window. Can watch it over and over. Would love to knit the Garden Village Cardigan.

    sherryglover1 on RAV

  15. wool2bears

    Rear Window gets the vote from me too. How can you look past Grace Kelly although I have always loved Kim Novak and I am glad that one of the designs gives a nod to her.
    Favourite knit? Well hard to pick just one but I’d start with Three Second Kiss. The Francie Scarf is divine in red, could I possibly look elegant in that? And the Rio gloves, what fun!

  16. Nikki W.

    I think my favorite movie will always be Rear Window, I even like the remake that Christopher Reeves did. I would love to have the chance to win the e-book I think the first think I would make would be the Francie scarf.

    littlemomto2 on Rav

  17. Janet

    Oh my! Listening to the theme song took me right back to … hmmm … let me just say MANY years ago! Favorite movie? Difficult to choose just one. Rear Window is at the top of the list … but then Psycho is a classic. I love the Melanie shawl. Have been looking for a new shawl pattern, and I believe this is the one.

  18. Susan Fleming Sellers

    This is great! I love the Eleven Hundred Dollars Sweater, it would be so flattering. flaminredhead3

  19. Judi Regan

    Love Hitchcock! One of my favorites is The Man Who Knew Too Much and I’d love to make the Ambrose Chapel Shawl.Thank you for this giveaway :o)
    grahamcracker on Rav

  20. Jennifer

    I’m going to enter this even though I don’t have a favorite Hitchcock movie. Why not, you ask? Because Birds scared me SO much that I haven’t willingly watched any of the other movies since. But, perhaps, if I win this, I will be encouraged to watch some of the other movies and find something new to enjoy. I would love to say I’d knit Not Your Gal Friday first, but, Melanie, Miss Fremont or Thornhill are much more likely candidates. I’m Nysssa on Ravelry and Twitter.

  21. Lorraine

    I love so many of the Hitchcock movies that it is hard to choose, but I would pick To Catch a Thief.
    I would knit the Exakta Hat.
    My ravelry ID is AzLorraine

  22. Maureen

    Oh my I never heard of this collection of patterns but I am in love with the shawl shown that you stated regarding from the Movie the birds. I think that shawl is stunning.

  23. Savannagal

    I love The Birds. I’ve watched is several times and it’s always just as frightening as the first time. What a great movie. Thanks for the giveaway.

  24. Janice

    I love Vertigo and Read Window, although the Birds is always great to watch again too. And I think that the shawl with the Birds is beautiful

  25. maureenC

    I love The Birds. I would probably start with the Greenwich Village Cardigan. Thanks for the giveaway.

  26. Michelle Mitchell

    Tough one.. probably The Birds but Psycho is a timeless classic. I would love to make the Greenwich Village Cardigan. Thanks for the generous contest. -ariesandewe on Ravelry

  27. Traci S

    Mmmmm favorite Hitchcock movie….probably The Birds, then Psycho, and then Dial M for Murder and then…… But seriously, The Birds. Its the one that truly freaks me out and every time I see more than ten birds together I get a little nervous because of that movie. The first pattern from the book I would knit would probably be Miss Fremont. I saw it on a podcast and immediately fell in love with it!

    traciandrick on Ravelry

  28. Kerry

    My favourite Hitchcock movie was Psycho – still always on alert in the shower. I just LOVE the Melanie shawl and the Ambrose Chapel Capelet, and would rush to make those. The Greenwich Village, Judy Henley and Cypress point cardigans are all lovely lovely items too.
    I am beluke on Ravelry

  29. Carmen N

    Let’s see if I can get it right this time … I love To Catch a Thief. Cary Grand and Grace Kelly are classics! Rav ID: asimplehomestd

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