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Get fit with an exercise bike

Shopping Guide

It’s no use ignoring the importance of exercise anymore. The danger signs are everywhere as you are bombarded with all the possible repercussions of leading a couch potato’s life. If you are not an outdoor person then the exercise cycle can become your friend in your journey towards fitness and health. Do you know how to buy one?  You don’t want to end up with a sore backside and squeaky music for the company do you? Here are a few tips to ensure you get the right bike.

Tips to buy an exercise bike


  1. Look out for comfort and ease of cycling: The weight of the flywheel will determine how comfortable and how smooth cycling will be on a stationary The heavier the wheel the more the comfort; lightweight wheels produce jolts when you pedal. Ideally, for a beginner, 7 kg flywheel should be sufficient but if you plan to cycle more than once a week than go for 9kg. Of course, the price of the bike will vary based on the weight; the heavier the flywheel the more expensive the bike.
  2. What kind of resistance you seek: There are two kinds: Mechanical and magnetical. As the name suggests, mechanical requires manual adjustment of the wheel whereas the magnetic resistance can be controlled on the console itself. Magnetic resistance has another advantage as these bikes come with predetermined routines and allow you to adjust the resistance according to your needs.
  3. Adjustability: A good exercise bike must have adjustable seats whose height can be increased or decreased to suit your physical frame; improper seating will harm the knees and back. Next, look out for adjustable handlebars; they must be able to move front and back and up and down.

A few other things to pay attention to is the material used to build it, plastic is less durable but cheaper whereas metal is more durable and pricey, how much weight can the bike withstand  – an ideal bike should be able to bear 130-150 kgs. and finally, choose a design in tune with the décor of the room.…

Buying And Selling Sex Toys


Are you a picky shopper? I am one. I shop very fast, but my selections are often commented as rare. I don’t purchase clothes frequently, but when I buy, I am very particular about their uniqueness. In my search for uniqueness and creative designs, it was difficult to roam around and visit shop after shop. An idea struck me, to create my clothes on my own and try my luck at making some money by selling them through an online merchant.

Online market is an ideal platform for your adult toy business

No need of expensive showrooms and persuasive salesmen, all you need are creativity, quality, and proactiveness. Just like running an online fashion store, if you plan to start a business in sex toys, again the internet may be the first stop solution. Take a tour of, you will be convinced about it.

Whether to sell or to purchase adult toys through a physical store, you need to get extra concerned about many extra factors. Location is important for any business, but for a sex toy showroom, the location should not pose oppositions from the locals and residents. The neighborhood should not affect its running and the adult store should not affect the neighboring lifestyle.

The medium of sale is equally important. If you are a customer, the friendly and cooperative behavior of the showroom staff should not create a negative atmosphere. The storekeepers have the challenge to encourage their customers in a healthy way, everything face-to-face.

The application of adult toys may be for pleasure, but they have health impacts too. So, careful selection of brands, making material and styles are important. Aspirations of people differ from place to place. For a local store, it is very critical for their sale that they know the preferences of the local customers. If you get foreign visitors even, that should be taken into account.

Considering all the above issues as a newcomer to the adult toy world, the internet is your best friend, both for finding your pleasure device as well as finding your business.…

Beginners Guide To Online Clothes Shopping


There is a whole world of beautiful clothes and great discounts that you might be missing out on if you have never tried online shopping. However, online shopping could be tricky if you are doing it for the first time. This is precisely why you need a beginner’s guide to help you through.

Here’s how to begin.

Take your measurements

The very first thing to do before starting to shop online is to measure yourself properly. The three areas that need to be measured are your bust, your waistline, and your hips. For your bust, measure the fullest part. For your waist, measure the narrowest part. For your hips, measure the fullest part yet again.

Measurements might vary according to the UK, US and Euro Sizes but this is the basic way of measuring yourself. You might need to convert to inches or centimeters as per the website.

How to relate to my size

Most beginners fail to relate their sizes to the ones mentioned on the website. They end up buying clothes on the basis of assumptions and then face the hassle of returns and exchanges. The best way to avoid these troubles is to go to the Size Guide or the Size chart and find out whether you need an XS, an S, an M or an XL. Almost every website has a size chart to refer to.


It is also a good idea to go through reviews of a particular product. If you have not tried the website earlier or are confused about the material or fit of a product then read its reviews. The products will also have ratings given by a user who has tried it before. This will help you to understand which product to choose and which one to avoid.


I got a great deal on a new custom t-shirt and so can you! Most online websites offer irresistible deals and discounts around the year and you can make the most of them.…

Luxury Lighting At Low Cost

Home Improvements

I am a power shopper:

Shopping never has and probably will never even appeal to me. I believe in having the list ready with what needs to be bought and the places that I need to get in and get out of. I have a time bracket within which I can shop because I do not really romanticize the idea of going shopping like most of them do.

I treat shopping as a chore:

I hate it when friends and acquaintance ask me for some time to window shop! It is according to me the worst way to spend your time. Why loiter around the malls and store aisles when you don’t have any clear idea or don’t even want to buy anything?

Online shopping appeals to me:

Even though I believe that online shopping is the answer to my quest, I have this glitch that I like some of the items to be purchased to be touched and felt. Like the lights that I want to have for my new living room. I am not looking at too expensive ones but I am looking for the plush looking ones like the ones I saw on

I know it is a bit difficult to find my choice of luxury lighting at the cost that I am eyeing but I have some hope because the other day at the lighting shop in the market, I found this very interesting person who seemed to understand what I am looking for exactly. He even promised to help me find the stuff that I want at my price. I am majorly banking on him. Yesterday, he had called in to say that the new stocks are arriving in a day or two and that I could visit them in case I was interested.

He offered to send me pictures on my phone and I could connect with him in case the stock he had got was to my liking. I found that to be perfect. It could save me the time and energy to go to the market. If I like what I see then it would make sense to actually go and check them out.…

Tips For Buying A Dog Bed

Dog Beds

Just like us human beings, even dogs love to sleep on a soft and cozy warm bed. Nowadays designs of these beds are created keeping in mind the habits, variety of needs and preferences in mind. You can find beds which replicate human furniture as well as some have orthopedic foam cushions. Thus, both stylish and practical beds are available for the pets.

Some tips that can help you to finalize the best bed for your dog are the following:

  • Before you visit a pet shop, take measurement of your dog from nose to tail with the help of a measuring tape. This should be done because usually pets love to stretch out while lounging. Try to buy the perfect sized bed for your pet so that he feels comfortable.
  • Also, you can weigh your dog before selecting a bed because a lot of beds are based on weight. If your dog is huge in size then you will need denser and thicker cushions on the bed else if you use thinner cushions then it will get flattened due to the heavy weight of the dog which will make the bed very uncomfortable.
  • Before making a purchase, figure out the features that you are looking for. For instance, beds with a memory foam or thick padding will be appropriate for a dog suffering from arthritis. If the pet has tendency to chill easily then go for a bed which gets heated. Some dogs which are old aged or short haired feel cold often. Or if your dog has tendency to chew then get an indestructible one which is best dog bed for chewers.
  • Do not forget to check the washing instructions before making a purchase because pet beds will often get dirty and you will need to wash it. Usually, you can find one which can be washed using a washing machine.

Computer Gaming Chairs: Characteristics And Use

Gaming Accessories

Console and computer gaming has gained a lot of popularity all around the world in the last few years. With plenty of people indulging in this incredible activity, it’s obvious that their needs for comfort and adventurous experiences are increasing too. One such need that falls in this category is that of a good PC gaming chair.

What are computer gaming chairs?

A particular chair that can be used comfortably while gaming on the computer is generally what a computer gaming chair refers to. While surveying the market to find out a good gaming chair, you will see that there are many of them available in different variations, makes and colours. However, it is very interesting to find out how each of them differs from the other.

Characteristics of computer gaming chairs:

  • They have racing style bucket seat that allows you to sit comfortably feeling like you are about to begin a race. The experience of sitting in such chairs is very different as compared to a simple office chair.
  • The majority of the gaming chairs are available in multiple designs and have different logos. As they have a casual touch instead of a profession, they are made creatively and in a variety of colours to match your taste. You will also find most of them with logos on the headrest.
  • A full back reclining is a very common option in most of the gaming chairs. It allows the player to stretch their back while playing or even laying completely on their back for quick breaks. This feature is almost non-existent when it comes to office chairs.
  • Great import quality is another thing most of the gaming chair buyers look for. They come with very soft material covers and the handles too are very comfortable to use.

Apart from this, these fabulous and helpful computer gaming chairs have a basic mechanism, limited adjustability as compared to office chairs, and short warranty period. If you are a gaming lover and enjoy playing your favourite games on a computer, it’s a must that you invest in these chairs as they change your whole gaming experience upside down.


Is Your LV Handbag Fake? Find Out Now!


If you love Louis Vuitton brand of handbags, you know how they can last for donkey’s years and never ever go out of style. Well, you also obviously then know how expensive they can be and that the replica handbag industry is a multi-million dollar industry. If you have a trustworthy source, then you can be sure. But more often than not, people do buy them elsewhere too without thinking too much due to the pure love for the brand.So how do you find if yours is fake?

1. Leather
Though not every handbag is completely made of leather, even if you bought a canvas bag, the trim will definitely be made of leather.

2. Stamping
The letters on the stamp have unique features that are missed in a fake. A quick look at these will immediately tell you an authentic one from a fake.

• The tail portion of the letter L is very short
• The letter O is quite large
• The two T’s touch each other and do not have a gap in between

3. Tags
Tags are an easy way to tell if your handbag is a fake one. LV handbags are super luxury items and will not have a cheap-looking tag or an expensive-looking one for that matter.
4. Hardware
The hardware used is always metal whereas you can find painted plastic hardware in fake and replica handbags. Even if they manage to have metal hardware, the imprinting will never be as crisp and clear as the original. The quality just shows through.
5. Date code
All Louis Vuitton handbags that were made after 1980 will have a date code imprinted on them. This is found inside the bag usually near the seam. This code has the date and the country of origin. Most fake bags don’t have a date code and even if they do, you will usually find a mismatch between the country of origin in the date code and the country on the stamping.…