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Luxury Lighting At Low Cost

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I am a power shopper:

Shopping never has and probably will never even appeal to me. I believe in having the list ready with what needs to be bought and the places that I need to get in and get out of. I have a time bracket within which I can shop because I do not really romanticize the idea of going shopping like most of them do.

I treat shopping as a chore:

I hate it when friends and acquaintance ask me for some time to window shop! It is according to me the worst way to spend your time. Why loiter around the malls and store aisles when you don’t have any clear idea or don’t even want to buy anything?

Online shopping appeals to me:

Even though I believe that online shopping is the answer to my quest, I have this glitch that I like some of the items to be purchased to be touched and felt. Like the lights that I want to have for my new living room. I am not looking at too expensive ones but I am looking for the plush looking ones like the ones I saw on

I know it is a bit difficult to find my choice of luxury lighting at the cost that I am eyeing but I have some hope because the other day at the lighting shop in the market, I found this very interesting person who seemed to understand what I am looking for exactly. He even promised to help me find the stuff that I want at my price. I am majorly banking on him. Yesterday, he had called in to say that the new stocks are arriving in a day or two and that I could visit them in case I was interested.

He offered to send me pictures on my phone and I could connect with him in case the stock he had got was to my liking. I found that to be perfect. It could save me the time and energy to go to the market. If I like what I see then it would make sense to actually go and check them out.…