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Get fit with an exercise bike

Shopping Guide

It’s no use ignoring the importance of exercise anymore. The danger signs are everywhere as you are bombarded with all the possible repercussions of leading a couch potato’s life. If you are not an outdoor person then the exercise cycle can become your friend in your journey towards fitness and health. Do you know how to buy one?  You don’t want to end up with a sore backside and squeaky music for the company do you? Here are a few tips to ensure you get the right bike.

Tips to buy an exercise bike


  1. Look out for comfort and ease of cycling: The weight of the flywheel will determine how comfortable and how smooth cycling will be on a stationary The heavier the wheel the more the comfort; lightweight wheels produce jolts when you pedal. Ideally, for a beginner, 7 kg flywheel should be sufficient but if you plan to cycle more than once a week than go for 9kg. Of course, the price of the bike will vary based on the weight; the heavier the flywheel the more expensive the bike.
  2. What kind of resistance you seek: There are two kinds: Mechanical and magnetical. As the name suggests, mechanical requires manual adjustment of the wheel whereas the magnetic resistance can be controlled on the console itself. Magnetic resistance has another advantage as these bikes come with predetermined routines and allow you to adjust the resistance according to your needs.
  3. Adjustability: A good exercise bike must have adjustable seats whose height can be increased or decreased to suit your physical frame; improper seating will harm the knees and back. Next, look out for adjustable handlebars; they must be able to move front and back and up and down.

A few other things to pay attention to is the material used to build it, plastic is less durable but cheaper whereas metal is more durable and pricey, how much weight can the bike withstand  – an ideal bike should be able to bear 130-150 kgs. and finally, choose a design in tune with the décor of the room.…