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Beginners Guide To Online Clothes Shopping


There is a whole world of beautiful clothes and great discounts that you might be missing out on if you have never tried online shopping. However, online shopping could be tricky if you are doing it for the first time. This is precisely why you need a beginner’s guide to help you through.

Here’s how to begin.

Take your measurements

The very first thing to do before starting to shop online is to measure yourself properly. The three areas that need to be measured are your bust, your waistline, and your hips. For your bust, measure the fullest part. For your waist, measure the narrowest part. For your hips, measure the fullest part yet again.

Measurements might vary according to the UK, US and Euro Sizes but this is the basic way of measuring yourself. You might need to convert to inches or centimeters as per the website.

How to relate to my size

Most beginners fail to relate their sizes to the ones mentioned on the website. They end up buying clothes on the basis of assumptions and then face the hassle of returns and exchanges. The best way to avoid these troubles is to go to the Size Guide or the Size chart and find out whether you need an XS, an S, an M or an XL. Almost every website has a size chart to refer to.


It is also a good idea to go through reviews of a particular product. If you have not tried the website earlier or are confused about the material or fit of a product then read its reviews. The products will also have ratings given by a user who has tried it before. This will help you to understand which product to choose and which one to avoid.


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