Couples Weight Loss Challenge Rewards


When making individual goals you do not get much motivation and support from your kith and kin. When you involve your family and friends in your weight loss goal and fix rewards, you would certainly get lot of motivation and work towards getting the prize. When working out as a couple you can weigh yourselves weekly, design workout charts, design goal sheets and support your spouse to reach the goal along with you.

There are weight loss programs like Nutrisystem and Medifast that help you lose weight as a family. These programs provide diet plans for men and women separately. As a couple, you can choose a diet plan and follow it individually. You will get motivation and tips from fellow dieters in the online community. You will also receive expert counseling from nutritionists online round the clock. You can choose any one of these two popular programs to lose weight in a healthy and safe manner.

You can begin your weight loss challenge as a couple by having a date night. You can call your friends and family for a surprise dinner. You can print invitations to invite your loved ones and a special card to your spouse to make the dinner night ever memorable. Secondly, you can gift your spouse a water bottle that reminds her or him to drink plenty of water during your weight loss journey. Stickies with motivational quotes can be stuck on the bedroom wall which reminds your spouse that he or she should stay from certain foods. For example, you can put a sweet warning – Keep away from sugar as you are getting sweet day by day as a person!

Encourage your spouse not to miss daily workouts by gifting him or her comfortable workout gear. On the achieving day, you can plan for a wonderful holiday destination together.

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