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And a baby bunny is born – well sort of!

As a knitter I like to explore new techniques, new patterns and new ideas.  One thing I’ve never done until this past weekend is knit a toy.   I mentioned in my most recent post,  I decided to try out the adorable Well Dressed Bunny designed by Barbara Prime, of Fuzzy Mitten as a gift to go along with the finished cardigan and hat.

Barbara’s pattern is very easy to understand and follow, with written instructions that go step by step.  Each part of the bunny is knitted up fairly quickly and could almost be completed in an entire day.   She has included instructions with this particular pattern for the waistcoat, hoodie and jacket, so your knitted bunny can have a complete outfit.  The construction of this particular knitted toy is such that it allows the arms and legs to move, which means you can stand it up or sit it down with ease.

I must say for my very first knitted toy, I love how my bunny turned out and will make more in the near future.  I loved knitting this little guy so much that I ended up purchasing Barbara’s Siamese Kitty pattern!

Pattern:   Well Dressed Bunny designed by Barbara Prime.  You can find all of Barbara’s patterns online at Ravelry and online at Fuzzy Mitten.   Barbara also has a few of her patterns online at Craftsy.

Notes:  I opted not to use buttons for the eyes as this bunny is destined for a baby and I know that baby’s like to pull on things, chew on things, etc… so this bunny has hand embroidered eyes.  I used basic fiber fill for stuffing and a bit of dark brown yarn for the eyes, nose and mouth.

Yarn:  2 skeins of King Cole Merino Blend Aran in Putty (soft oatmeal heather) and a bit of left over sock yarn for the vest.

Needles and Notions:  A pair of size 6 (4.00mm) knitting needles and 2 small buttons for the vest .

Here's the bunny before I sewed him together.

Here's the bunny all sewn and ready for his vest.

Here's the bunny sporting his hand-knitted vest.


All said and done,  I give this pattern an overall rating!  To date, on Ravelry, there have been over 324 projects and this project is currently in 387 queues.

Until next time, happy knitting, crocheting, spinning and crafting!