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Casting On and Casting Off: Shawls and Lace

I seem to be in a shawl knitting mood, maybe it’s the aspect of lace, which I absolutely love and cherish!  There are so many beautiful patterns to knit, but right now I’m looking for simple and quick lace projects.  I’ve come across two patterns that will be just the ticket for me, and I can use stash yarn!

But first, here’s an update on my Cottonista Triangle Shawl ~ it’s finished!

Finished Cottonista Triangle Shawl

Pattern: Cottonista Triangle Shawl by Franziska Collins
Yarn: 4 skeins of Fiesta Yarn Cottonista in Wind Surfer
Blocked Size: 29” x 60’
Started: March 9th
Ended: April 21st
Modifications: None

Now, that I have finished my  Cottonista Triangle Shawl, I decided that it was time to find a pattern for my 462 yards of sport weight handspun.  After searching the patterns in Ravelry, I decided upon Shaelyn by Leila Raabe.  This particular pattern has been in my Ravelry queue for some time and I keep coming back to this pattern.  Now that I’ve casted on,  I think this is going to be perfect to show off my handspun !!

Photo courtesy of Leila Raabe

462 yards of sport weight yarn – Heavenly Fiber BFL in Driftwood

Progress Photo

Progress Photo

 I’m also casting Lace Shawl by Sharon Miller using my stash of Rowan Fine Lace in the color of Vintage.  I’ve never knitted with lace weight yarn before so I thought this pattern might be a good one to get me use to this weight of yarn.  This shawl pattern has easy to follow instructions that would be perfect for beginner lace knitters and is free to Rowan members.  I think this will be perfect to wear all year round and the soft color of the Vintage will go with just about anything I have in my closet.

Lace Shawl by Sharon Miller

Do you enjoy lace knitting?

If yes, what’s your all time favorite lace project?

Saturdays are made for WIPs!


It’s so lovely to be on the patio this morning and I’m quite pleased with the progress I’ve made on my  Cottonista Triangle Shawl.  I’m just about ready to start with my third skein of yarn for this project and it’s beginning to look great!

So many of you know that I’m a major KAL junky, yes, it’s sad by so very true!  Not only did I join the  Capriole KAL, but as mentioned earlier I also joined the Game of Thrones Mystery KAL.  Clue 1 is all finished and this Sunday, clue 2 will be posted.  I was very happy to see I wasn’t the only one using pink for this KAL!


This photo is one day old, so it doesn’t show the last repeat of the pattern.

I also received a yummy skein of Indieway Yarns single ply superwash merino for a prize I won in the last KAL I participated in.  I love the colors and it’s so squishy soft!!!  I’m thinking this will be great for a hat.


What are you working on this weekend!

Yarn Along: Work in Progress and Of Course Reading!

Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs.  I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well.  So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading?  ~ Ginny from Small Things


Shortly after posting last week’s yarn along, I finished up my  Lyme Regis Scarf and started to really concentrate on my Cottonista Triangle Shawl.  I’ve finished a total of four repeats and have started with my second skein of Cottonista yarn.  I really have been enjoying knitted with this particular yarn, it’s very soft and the colors are muted.  I can’t wait to finish so I can wear it !  I’ve also been spinning for the Less is More cardigan.  You can see my spinning progress here.

I’m still reading the The Alchemist’s Daughter, a novel by Katharine McMahon.  I’ve been a bit lax in my reading over the last week but the last few evenings I’ve managed to read quite a few chapters.  This book has a very interesting storyline and plot, one of which I’m truly enjoying.  I hope to have my review posted soon for Jerusalem Jackson Greer’s book,  A Homemade Year: The Blessings of Cooking, Crafting, and Coming Together, so stay tuned for that one.

What have you been listening too or reading?

Any new projects or any finished projects?

Until next time, happy knitting, crocheting, spinning and crafting!

It’s time for another KAL!

I’ve joined Rachel Henry’s mystery shawl KAL, Capriole  and can’t wait for clue 1 to arrive in my Ravelry mailbox this Friday.

I love shawls, especially semi-circular shawls and it’s been hard for me to decide what yarn to use but I’ve decided to use my stash of Springtree Road Muscadine Sock in the color Tanis.  After swatching, I noticed that I may have to go up a needle size as I tend to knit a bit tight.  So with that said, I think I will be using a US 8 (5.0 mm).


Here’s the details from Rachel’s Ravelry design page for Capriole:

KAL Details: The Mystery KAL for Capriole begins now, with the release of this Swatch Clue. The swatch includes several special stitches, and will thus allow you to practice them before beginning your actual shawl. All clues will be given both as complete charts and full written directions.

Schedule for Clues: Clues will be released via Ravelry sometime after midnight, EST, on four consecutive Wednesdays.

  • March 27th: Clue #1 – Setup and first 40 rows.
  • April 3rd: Clue #2 – Rows 41-68
  • April 10th: Clue #3 – Rows 69-88
  • April 17th: Clue #4 – Rows 89-101, plus blocking advice

Cost:  For the duration of the KAL, and for at least two weeks after the release of the final clue, Capriole will cost only $1.  After that point, the pattern will be changed to the regular price of $6. When I release the final version of the pattern, it will replace the individual clues in your Ravelry library.

If anyone would like to join me in the fun, there’s still time and be sure to join the  Remily Knits group too!  I will be posting progress photos along the way and would love to link my posts to others who are knitting along too.

Yarn Along: Work in Progress and Of Course Reading!

Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs.  I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well.  So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading?  ~ Ginny from Small Things


It’s been rather slow going in the knitting department as my elbow issue is still giving me fits  but I can say that I’m still knitting on my  Lyme Regis Scarf and I started a new project, the Cottonista Triangle Shawl from the kit I received from Fiesta Yarns.  Both projects have been very soothing to me and the patterns truly are easy to memorize.

I’ve also been spinning more so I can give my tendonitis a break.  For some reason spinning seems to make my arm and elbow feel better, which is a good thing.  I finished 4 oz of  Mixed Blueface Leicester spinning fiber in the colorway called  Driftwood and have started spinning the second 4 oz yesterday.  I love the tweedy colors of the fiber and I’m anxious to get it plied!

I’m just about finished my book,  The Third Gate by Lincoln Child, and really love it!  It really is a fast moving book and would be a super quick read if I just sat down and read it.  I’m not sure what my next book might be …. too many on the bookshelf to choose from!

So, what have you been working on this week?  Have you been reading,  or listening,  to any good books?

Saturday Joy!

I was quite thrilled a few days ago to learn that I won a Fiesta Yarns Twitter contest and had no idea what I had won, other than it was a kit.  Today, my prize arrive and I’m super excited!!!

The kit I won contains 4 skeins of Fiesta Cottonista Yarn (50% Peruvian Cotton 50% Tencel) in the color of wind surfer and the pattern for the Cottonista Triangle Shawl.  I can’t wait to cake my yarn and get started of this beautiful simple lace shawl!

Thank you Fiesta Yarns, you made me smile from ear to ear today!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Casting On and Casting Off: Aidez is finished!

I’m so thrilled with my new cardigan and I look forward to wearing later this year in Phoenix and when we take our road trip to Flagstaff to enjoy the cold winter weather.   I have to truly thank Kelly over at the Celtic Cast On for hosting the knit along for Aidez.   For me, it was the perfect motivation to knit this beautiful design by Cirilia Rose.

Since our cast on date for the Aidez KAL was September 24th with a finish date of November 24th, I felt this was a project I truly could buckle down and tackle.

The Facts:   Overall, this design is fairly quick to knit as it’s done up in bulky weight yarn and a size US 10 1/2 needle.   The pattern is very well written, easy to follow and easy to understand.  I can say that the way Cirilia wrote this pattern, an experienced knitter can easily change out the cable stitch pattern to meet their desires.  You can see all my notes online on my Ravelry project page.

Modifications:   I only made two modifications to this pattern.  I did not do any of the shaping decreases for the back or front panels.  I also changed the cable stitch for the back to a left cable/right cable stitch pattern on either side of the woven lattice design – I just liked the look better.

The Yarn:  The pattern calls for 824 – 1339 yards (753 – 1224 m) of  Berroco Peruvia Quick, a super bulky weight yarn.     I did do a gauge swatch (do not faint, I actually do this now and then) and found that I could use my stash of  ten skeins of Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Grande, which is 1,100 yards.  All said and done, I only have .50 oz left of my yarn, so it was pretty much used to the max.

The Needles:  I used straight needles in the size called for the pattern, US 10½ (6.5 mm)

Now on my needles is the Acer by Kirsten Kapur for my Mom’s birthday present.  I’ve separated the sleeves and I’m now working on the body.  It looks rather small, but I think it will be fine once it’s finished and blocked.

I also casted on a shawl called Rivendell, which is part of the Hobbit Journey KAL by Erica Jackofsky of Fiddle Knits.  I’ve decided to knit this shawl using my stash of Springtree Road Muscandine in Tanis and I love how it is looking.  I’m working on clue 1 and have finished one full pattern repeat and have eight more to go!  I also hope to have time to do Erica’s Dwarven Mystery KAL, which is for an infinity scarf.

So many projects and so little time but hey, what else can a knitter do, right?

Until next time, happy knitting, crocheting, spinning and crafting!